A B O U T   O U R   C O M P A N Y

'The needles' is one of knitting needle companies in S.Korea. 
We've been exporting all kind of knitting needles,circular, transfer, sock needle and sinkers, to EU, China, Middle East with good quality and good reputation. We will reward you with more stable and improved quality through continuous effort and research.
Korea Knitting Needle. Knitting needle in Korea.   H.S Code : 8448519000, H.S Code : 8448511000.

P R O B L E M   S O L U T I O N  

Lines  : Irrecularities running vertically along one or more wales.
 Damaged needles or sinkers. Worn needle butts, or push area on sinkers
Holes : Caused by damaged or cut yarn

Sharp edged and  burrs on damaged or worn loop-forming elements.
Damage or wear on cylinder, dial or yarn  guiding elements
We provide a solution to all your problems in knitting.