We make the needles that you really want.

Raw materials

We make  needles of  German materials.
Chemical composition ( wt % )
98~100 Carbon , 0.35 Si, 0.8 Mn, 0.40 Cr, Mo, P ,

 Ni etc.,

Creative Design

Design needles with highly precise equipment.
Profile projector.
Hook, Latch, Cheek, Groove, Latch motin., Side milling, Latch slot,  Rivet, Needle back, punch,Butt 

Production process

Making needles with advanced technology and equipments,  HS Code : 8448510000
‌HS Code : 8448.51.9000   or 8448.51.1000


Knitting needles produced in our factory go through strict quality inspections with microscope.
Vickers hardness tester, Microscope.

Reasonable prices

Best price with  best quality.